17540305-DSC_4795_30616The Lancaster Safety Coalition has been having a positive effect on our community since 2005 when the first cameras were installed. The LSC provides live monitoring, video reviews or video evidence preservation for thousands of incidents that occur every year. Below is a very small sample of some of the incidents that LSC has provided assistance for over the years.

Burglary: A call for a burglary in progress was dispatched by County 911 and LSC cameras spotted a subject matching the description leaving the area. The camera operator followed the subject on multiple cameras and gave updated locations and direction of travel to County 911 who relayed the information to the officers on the call. The subject was seen removing and discarding the sweatshirt he was wearing and it was subsequently found by police. Police also located the subject based on information supplied by LSC. He was identified by the homeowner and charged with burglary. (January 2017)

Drugs: Camera operators saw a person dealing drugs. He was followed to a city park where he went to a remote area to use the drugs he purchased. Prior to using the drugs he retrieved a hypodermic needle from behind a loose stone in a wall. LSC notified Police. When Police arrived he had already used the heroin but admitted to being under the influence. Police found the needle he used discarded in the grass, and after examining his hiding place in the wall found approximately 10 other needles. Discovery and removal of these, especially the used ones, eliminated the possibility of a child or another person being stuck.(May 2016)

Child Found: A special needs child went missing from school and was reported running through the city streets without shoes. LSC assisted in locating the child who was picked up by a Lancaster Police Officer and carried back to school safely. (March 2016)

DUI: Manheim Township Police radioed a call of a vehicle traveling into the city from their jurisdiction where the occupants were observed to be using/in possession of drugs. LSC cameras spotted the vehicle and 9-1-1 was notified of the location and direction of travel. The vehicle was subsequently stopped and the driver was found to be intoxicated. The passenger in the vehicle was wanted on a warrant and a large quantity of drugs was found in the vehicle. This incident highlights the value of the LSC to other law enforcement agencies. (May 2014)

Outreach: A LSC camera operator was concerned about a person who appeared to be homeless sleeping in a downtown area of Lancaster City. Police were notified to check on her to make sure she was not in any distress. After the Police checked on her LSC staff contacted homeless outreach who were able to speak with her and her caseworker. The woman was settled into housing that evening. (June 2013)

Wanted Person: LSC staff received notification that a suspect could be in the area that escaped from a detention facility and stole a vehicle in Jim Thorpe, PA. The suspect was spotted in Lancaster City by LSC staff. The camera operator directed Police to his location where he was taken back into custody. (July 2013)

Attempted Assault: A woman reported that a man got out of a vehicle and tried to grab and possibly assault her. A review of the cameras in the area showed the vehicle and license plate number. The video was given to Police who subsequently charged the man for the attempted assault. (July 2012)

Theft: A City resident reported his pedal trike was stolen. The individual has health issues and this trike is his means of transportation. Later in the day a camera operator spotted someone riding the trike in a different part of the City. Police were alerted and the person fled when they responded. He was stopped nearby and questioned. The trike was returned to the owner. (September 2012)

Robbery & Weapons: A gun was pulled on a person working at a city convenience store by a group of people. Police were notified of the robbery and while they were in route to the store LSC camera operators found the group entering a vehicle and leaving the store. Cameras followed the vehicle until police were able to stop it several blocks away. Three people were taken into custody and the gun was recovered. (May 2011)

Hit & Run: An elderly pedestrian was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street. The driver of the car drove off but LSC cameras were able to provide images of the vehicle and the damage that was on the car. Later in the week an officer noticed a car that matched the images from the LSC camera and pulled the car over. The driver confessed to the hit and run accident. (September 2011)

Fatal Shooting: The events leading to the shooting where two men who knew each other began arguing and then fighting physically. At some point one man shot the other several times and then ran away. The dispute between the two men was captured on Lancaster Safety Coalition surveillance cameras. That was an enormous help to detectives in the investigation, police said. Capt. Pete Anders said, “Without question, if it was not captured on cameras, we wouldn’t be sitting here with a warrant today.” (April 2010)

Missing Children: Police received a call about two children, ages 9 and 11 years of age who had gone for a walk and were reported to be missing. The children were visiting from out of town and were not familiar with the City. LSC cameras spotted the two within a short time and directed Police to their whereabouts. They were reunited with their family a short time later. (September 2010)

Theft: LSC monitoring staff spotted two subjects in the Northeast area of the City trying to break into vehicles. They eventually got into one and stole several items. The Police were alerted and they apprehended the subjects two blocks away from where the crime occurred. (May 2009)

Stolen Vehicle: On Christmas Day Police spotted a vehicle which had been reported as stolen. When Police went to question the vehicle’s occupants they took off and wrecked the car a short time later. Both suspects in the vehicle fled. Police caught one of them and he was taken into custody. He denied that he had been driving the vehicle but footage from a LSC camera conclusively proved that he was in fact driving the vehicle when it crashed. (December 2009)

Disturbance: LSC monitoring staff witnessed a disturbance involving a person wielding a golf club. He subsequently called police reporting that the suspect he was threatening had pulled a gun on him. Review of video did not show a gun involved in the incident. When the man was advised of the video recordings, his story changed several times and eventually stated that he never saw a gun. (May 2008)

Fire: LSC cameras caught a house fire on the 800 block of North Prince Street. LSC monitoring staff sent live video to County 911 Dispatch. Dispatch was able to convey the sense of urgency and dispatch the appropriate Police and Fire department personnel. The Bureau of Fire requested a video of the house fire to be used for training purposes. (June 2008)

Homicide: LSC monitoring staff reported a disturbance with a large group of people and predicted that a fight would ensue. Police were dispatched to the scene. Approximately four minutes later, LSC observed a fatal shooting and notified County Dispatch. The suspect fled into a nearby house. Already in route to the scene, police arrived 22 seconds after the shooting. LSC directed police to the correct house. Police secured the perimeter of the home and extracted and arrested the suspected shooter who was attempting to alter his appearance. Live monitoring and video recordings proved useful in placing the police on the scene promptly and supporting the investigation. (March 2007)

Theft: A gym bag with keys was stolen from someone playing softball at Conlin Field. The suspect returned with the keys and unsuccessfully attempted to steal the vehicle. Upon review of the video, the suspect was spotted on several cameras and he went into an address in the 100 block of South Prince Street. Monitoring staff notified police that the suspect and another individual entered a condemned building. Police arrived and charged both subjects with felony trespass and confirmed that one individual was the suspect from the earlier theft. (September 2007)

Shooting: A person was shot inside a local bar. LSC monitoring staff spotted a suspect leaving the bar, firing two shots in the air, getting into a vehicle, and fleeing the scene. LSC provided County-Wide Dispatch with the vehicle’s description and license plate. Within three hours the police found the vehicle and arrested the suspect. (September 2006)

Drug Dealing in School Zone: LSC alerted police to suspected drug dealing directly across the street from an elementary school. The collaborative effort of the monitoring staff and police resulted in the arrest of both a buyer and a dealer within 30 minutes. (November 2006)

Wrongfully Accused Hit-and-Run: Police responded to a hit and run accident and pulled over a vehicle that matched the suspect vehicle within a block of the incident. The police did not have a license plate, but every other aspect of the vehicle seemed to match. The suspect denied the charge, stating that he was not in the area at the time of the accident. While he was detained, video footage was reviewed and confirmed that the bumper of the vehicle involved in the accident was distinctly different than the suspect’s bumper. The suspect was cleared and the police continued their search. (June 2005)

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