New cameras are coming!

We have a few new locations that will be receiving a camera, they include:

·         Chesapeake Street and E Strawberry Street

·         High Street and Strawberry Street

·         W Chestnut Street and Nevin Street

·         Lemon Street and Charlotte Street

·         N Franklin Street and E Frederick Street

·         E Ross Street at Sixth Ward Park

·         N Franklin Street and N Reservoir Street

·         E Chestnut Street and N Franklin Street


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My house is very close to a new camera, can it see in my windows or backyard?
    • No.  As soon as a new camera is added to our network our Director of Monitoring and Evidence installs digital black privacy masks over private spaces.  Only the Director can make updates to the privacy masks.  Camera Operators are not able to remove or change these settings. 

      Window Masking

  • What happens to the video that is recorded?
    • The video recorded by the cameras is stored by the LSC for 14 days.  After 14 days that video will be deleted as new video is saved over the old video.  If an incident occurs video can be reviewed by our staff and downloaded.  Downloaded video is provided to police, the District Attorney’s office and to attorneys that provide a subpoena.  Live video from your neighborhood will never be streamed online.
  • How do the cameras work?  Can they see everything in the neighborhood at once?
    • Inside the dome of the camera is a single lens, they cannot see 360 degrees around at once.  The cameras are programed to look down one street at an intersection and after a few seconds will turn to look down a new direction.  The camera will keep moving around the intersection in a loop.  Moving the cameras allows them to cover a much larger area then a fixed camera.  But the downside is that if something happens very fast on the south side of an intersection and the camera is faced north at that moment it can miss and incident.  There are positives and negatives to fixed and moving cameras.
  • Did my taxes pay for these new cameras?
    • The Lancaster Safety Coalition is a nonprofit organization and we held a capital fundraiser in 2015 to expand the camera network.  Our generous community donated all of the funds needed to add new cameras.  The LSC is not a government agency and none of your tax dollars went towards the installation of a new camera on our network.
  • My neighborhood isn’t on the list but we want a camera too!
    • Unfortunately, the LSC does not have the funds to add a camera at every location we have received requests from.  Our volunteers must raise all of the funds to add a new camera.  Our volunteers also help LSC raise funds for operational costs of the camera network (staff, repairs, electric, servers, etc.).  We would like to continue to expand the network but any additions take fundraising, time and planning.
  • I have more questions, whom should I contact?
    • Please email us at  Our staff is happy to answer your questions and will reply as soon as possible.


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