Video Safety: Our primary program is our video safety program. Operating a network of 161 closed‐circuit cameras (CCTV) throughout the City of Lancaster enables us to enhance the community safety of our residents. Because this program is well recognized and understood by our citizenry, we are able to encourage and improve the quality of life of our citizens and reduce the fear of crime. Our camera network covers approximately 60% of the City of Lancaster. Read more about our Video Safety Program here.

CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is a method to deter crime by changing the environment to make spaces less appealing to criminals. The LSC can offer local organizations and community groups assistance with changes that can be made to properties to help reduce the chance of crime. Click here to read more about CPTED.

Community Mobilization: We are engaged in community partnerships designed to work with other nonprofits and neighborhood residents to encourage residents to become involved in their own neighborhood, develop positive relationships with their neighbors, and retain a sense of ownership over their own streets and blocks. Read more about Community Mobilization here.

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