Mobilizing the Community enhances the success of LSC’s other services through the creation of a network of residents and businesses working together to improve the quality of life in Lancaster’s great neighborhoods.  Research has proven that a mobilized community helps eliminate problem properties, reduces crime and disorder, and enhances property values. The Coalition works with other community-based nonprofit partners and neighbors to improve neighborhood relationships leading to safer environments.


Above: Lt. Mike Winters of the Lancaster Bureau of Police addresses resident’s concerns during a community mobilization meeting organized by LCSC and other partners.

Popularized by Robert Putnam’s groundbreaking book “Bowling Alone” the concept of social capital (as well as later research) proved that when neighbors know and trust each other, the economic value of neighborhood properties rises and the opportunity for crime and disorder to occur falls. LSC is a leading partner in a collaborative of engaged citizens and like-minded nonprofit organizations in providing the tools, processes, and opportunities to help neighbors connect. It is one strategy used by LSC to enhance Lancaster’s community safety.
While we depend upon (and appreciate) the residents and business in the city that support us, it is equally important for those who reside or work outside the city to understand how LSC adds value. An organization that enhances the safety and quality of life in Lancaster city is vital to everyone in the county as well. Why?

LSC’s video safety project positively affects all those who work, shop or attend events downtown, including our families, friends and neighbors.

Working with other community partners, LSC helps make current and prospective homeowners feel better about city living, which helps support property values and a strong tax base.

LSC supports tourism by encouraging visitors to stay downtown and walk to our many great restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

LSC’s presence and it’s vital safety projects help influence businesses considering relocating to Lancaster City — bringing economic prosperity and improved quality of life for everyone.

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