Video Safety provides closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras, real time centralized monitoring, and 24-7 recording services. This highly coordinated service benefits large geographic areas and reduces duplication by the private sector that would otherwise purchase less advanced, poorly coordinated technology. Working with the Lancaster Bureau of Police, the Video Safety Program may serve as a deterrent to crime, and assists in police mobilization.  Coalition cameras provide almost irrefutable evidence that can shorten the time of police investigations and lead to guilty pleas thus eliminating the need for costly jury trials.  The District Attorney’s office estimates the average cost to county taxpayers is $20,000 for every case that goes to a jury.



Installing a video safety camera on Farnum Street


A video safety camera at the corner of Queen and Orange Streets.

Below: LSC operators at work.

Operator-1  Monitoring-1-web


Below: LSC servers retain video data for up to fourteen days.

Server_1  Server_overhead_fiber


Below: Actual screen-shot examples of how our masking software prevents viewing into private spaces. Digitally-created black boxes automatically appear over a home’s windows when a camera is turned in that direction. Only the LSC’s monitoring supervisor and Executive Director are authorized to access the system’s privacy masking software — the camera operators have no control over this feature.


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